sales and service for the following machines:




ReishauerNZA, AZA, AZA-K, AM/10, RZ 300E, RZ 301S, RZ 361S/AS, RZ 362AS, RZ 701S, AND RZ 802SRAG, NRK, US, UL, RG Series
Oerlikon OpalMaag Opal 500/ 800/ 1200, Sigma Opal 50

Sales and replacement parts

  • Sales and installation of pre-owned Reishauer and Opal machines
  • New and used parts inventory

Photo: example of scrapped ways


  • Reishauer gear and thread grinding operator training
  • ​Oerlikon Opal form grinding operator training 


Repair and Maintenance

  • On site repair and service
  • ​Electric and electronic troubleshooting and repair
  • Examination and service of dressing table slide
  • Scraping and repair of worn slide ways and machine bed
  • Grinding spindle exchange with 1 year warranty on spindle
  • Renew work piece spindle with bearing and seal replacement
  • Repair of Reishauer and Fassler dressing unit
  • Annual PM Service and calibration

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